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Alaina Beauloye - Karen Thorne 

Alaina Beauloye, born in NYC, has worked on Broadway and in film as well as national TV shows and commercials. She recently starred in the Discovery ID series, Love The Way You Lie. Recent stage roles; 39 Steps, Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey), The King and I (Anna). She is a two time ariZoni award recipient for the roles of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevardand Christine in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Alaina also received the Videographer Award of Excellence for her work as the host of Maricopa Now TV show in AZ.


Stephanie Dostal - Cassie Thorne 

I have loved performing ever since I was a little kid singing and playing the piano in home movies. When I was in my early teens I was finally able to start acting and I instantly fell in love. There was nothing like being on stage, theater is an art unlike any other, for me its magical. But the movies have always been where my heart is. I am the biggest movie buff I know. Whether it's live theater or being in front of the camera, I feel acting is what I am meant to be doing. I come from a big family with a lot of big personalities and although we are all very different, we support each other in whatever it is we do. I am so grateful to have them in my corner every day. I am so thankful and excited for the opportunity to be a part of Witch Child. I can't wait to start production on this awesome movie.

Nathan Potter - Dylan 

My name is Nathan Potter, I got serious about acting after high school. Mostly everything before that was just me and my old friend making some pretty ridiculous movies. But after high school, I went to Jean Fowler, an amazing acting coach and attended her classes weekly for about a year. I started going to auditions for student films, indie movies, theater projects, you know, really anything just to get better. I plan on making the big move out to Los Angeles, by this time next year. 

Joe Cliff Thompson - Adam Thorne 

Joe Cliff Thompson is a native of Montreal, Canada. He began work as an actor in Western New York in 2008 after graduating from the University of Geneseo. Since then, he has starred in several feature films and over a dozen shorts, including the Rochester Movie Maker award-winning short Death on a Davenport, which he co-wrote with director Mary Whiteside. He is a trained fencer and music composer.

Lydia Baikalova - "The Witch Child"

Lydia Baikalova is a Los Angeles-based professional actress. She started acting at the age of 15 when she filmed her first national commercial for Ukrainian television. After appearing in over 20 national and international TV commercials, print campaigns and music videos, Lydia moved to Los Angeles to continue the pursuit of new acting opportunities. Los Angeles opened new doors for Lydia and in 2013 she wrote, produced, directed and starred in her short film The Mating Game.

Mark Clinton - Raphael 

Mark Clinton spent twenty five years in the music business as a freelance drummer; inspired in part by having run away from home as a teenager to work as a roadie for Elvis Presley. Hoping to eventually work as a studio musician, his plans were thwarted by the introduction of the Linn Drum Machine. Undaunted and optimistic, he spent years in the pit, playing musicals in Los Angeles, as well as performing throughout the U. S. and Europe in countless night clubs, cabarets, resorts and hotels. By chance, an open casting call for a Japanese documentary led to his first onscreen appearance … in Japan. After moving to Phoenix in 2006, Mark has appeared in local, regional and national commercials, as well as in print ads and industrials. He is represented locally by the Ford/Robert Black Agency and nationally by Locke Management. Witch Child is his first full length feature film.

Maureen Baker - Anna 

Born in Colorado Springs and raised in Winslow, AZ, Maureen Baker has had an interest in performance from a young age. Her first time onstage was at age 10, as a member of Summerstruck Youth Theater, for a performance of Aladdin and His Wonderful Magical Lamp. Since then she's taken every opportunity for performance available to her, ranging from school chorus to community theater to, most recently, work as the character Magpie at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Witch Child will be her first work in film and hopefully the first of more professional opportunities to come.


Roberto Cordero, Jr. - Aaron 

Roberto Cordero Jr is an upcoming actor currently residing in the Phoenix area. Although he partakes in other interests such as photography, cinematography, and modeling, acting has always been one of his deepest passions. He began starring in short films and indie films in 2012 such as Guts, Relinquish, Blaze, Love: Where Are You?, Los Ninos Sicarios and more, paving a way into feature films. He also has experience working in theatre, industrial film, music videos, commercials, and print.

Javier Stefano De Vita - Chuy 

Javier Stefano De Vita is a professional actor, director, and producer with over 15 years of experience within his native Venezuela and now in the U.S. He is currently an MFA performer in the Herberger Institute at ASU, and he is also starring as "El Che" in the Tuscany Theatre´s 2015 production of Evita. In the past, he has participated in plays such as [DE/AS]cending (AZ), The Hour we Knew Nothing of Each Other (AZ), Twelfth Night(Caracas), Incident at Vichy (Caracas), Caricias (Caracas), Don Quijote y Sancho Panza(Bogotá), El Veneno en el Teatro (Caracas), Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagoney(Caracas), among others. He has been awarded for his participation as director, producer and designer in the original plays Belencita; Juegos; and Calígula, Imperatore Romanus, in Caracas. He has participated as a producer in several international events like the 4th and 5th Editions of the World´s Encounter for Body Art, and 4 annual editions of the academic chair project, Jerzy Grotowski, Legacy and new ways, both in Caracas.

Annabelle Veatch - Sarah 

Annabelle Veatch has been performing on stage for 13 years and with every performance she continues to work on her acting techniques and skills. She has taken many acting classes and workshops. By the end of 2015 she will have been in 50 productions. She also loves writing and is currently working on a children's book.

Alan Niven - Bill 

Alan started out at Virgin/Caroline in sales and marketing, then DJ'd and programmed The Union Jack Show on Zeta 4 WINZ, Miami. He worked at Greenworld, introducing the company to domestic distribution and signing Motley Crue. He was the co-founder of Enigma Records and signed Berlin. Alan took Dokken to Elektra and Bernstein and Mensch. He then moved into management with Great White [1982-95] and managed Guns n Roses from 1986-91. He conceptualised the first four GnR videos and co-composed and produced the Great White albums on Capitol and Zoo/BMG. Alan most recently co-composed four albums for The Brewster Brothers [Australia, under the pen name Etha Graham] and also composed three concept albums for Shen Long, which are still in development. Alan provides counsel to up and coming artists such as Moontan Montana and Stella's Infirmary. He has multiple gold and platinum awards from around the world for records such as 'Appetite For Destruction', 'Use Your Illusions', 'Lies', 'Once Bitten', 'Hooked', 'Twice Shy', 'Psycho City', 'Sail Away'. 'Live Line', 'Beyond Salvation', 'Pleasure Victim', 'Too Fast For Love', 'Breaking The Chains', and various best of and live compilations, along with various MTV awards, Grammy nominations (1989) and also various Billboard awards. In addition, Alan has also received various A.M.A. Awards and multiple Golden Reel Awards for production/mixing.

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